Creating BI Publisher Documents with PeopleCode


I’m presenting a session at Collaborate 18 in Las Vegas on generating BI Publisher Documents with PeopleCode. The session will be on April 22 @ 12:30 in Lagoon J at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. This will be a practical application session demonstrating using PeopleCode and other tools within the Application Designer to create and deliver … Read more

WordPress – Download failed. error:0D0890A1:asn1 encoding routines:func(137):reason

Receiving error on download page 1/11/16 WorkPress 4.4.1 New error, but different class structure Fix: Edit the /wp-includes/class-http.php file – change SSL as noted in code example below ‘decompress’ => true, // ‘sslverify’ => true, rcg ‘sslverify’ => false, ‘sslcertificates’ => ABSPATH . WPINC . ‘/certificates/ca-bundle.crt’, ‘stream’ => false, ‘filename’ => null, ‘limit_response_size’ => null, … Read more

PeopleTools – Reference SETID controlled table by BUSINESS_UNIT

BUSINESS_UNIT <> SETID Several tables are controlled by the SETID field in order to share data across Business Units or to isolate data to a specific Business Unit.  Table Set Control records enable both to happen simultaneously.  Several Business Units may share data in a table, such as locations, where one specific Business Unit may … Read more