Image Use and Manipulation with PeopleTools

PeopleSoft ReConnect 2018 in Chicago I’m presenting a session on PeopleSoft Image Manipulation the afternoon of July 17th (#101150).    101150: Image use and manipulation with PeopleTools 7/17/2018 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM Location: Narita AB I created an excess property catalog for a client and found there are some challenges working with user uploaded images … Read more

Creating BI Publisher Documents with PeopleCode

I’m presenting a session at Collaborate 18 in Las Vegas on generating BI Publisher Documents with PeopleCode. The session will be on April 22 @ 12:30 in Lagoon J at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. This will be a practical application session demonstrating using PeopleCode and other tools within the Application Designer to create and deliver … Read more

WordPress – Download failed. error:0D0890A1:asn1 encoding routines:func(137):reason

Receiving error on download page 1/11/16 WorkPress 4.4.1 New error, but different class structure Fix: Edit the /wp-includes/class-http.php file – change SSL as noted in code example below ‘decompress’ => true, // ‘sslverify’ => true, rcg ‘sslverify’ => false, ‘sslcertificates’ => ABSPATH . WPINC . ‘/certificates/ca-bundle.crt’, ‘stream’ => false, ‘filename’ => null, ‘limit_response_size’ => null, … Read more

PeopleTools – Reference SETID controlled table by BUSINESS_UNIT

BUSINESS_UNIT <> SETID Several tables are controlled by the SETID field in order to share data across Business Units or to isolate data to a specific Business Unit.  Table Set Control records enable both to happen simultaneously.  Several Business Units may share data in a table, such as locations, where one specific Business Unit may … Read more

Radian? You talk to your Momma with that mouth?

What the hell is a Radian? Not sure either.  However, l discovered that this is what Objective-C and Swift use as a unit of measurement to rotate an object.   And I had to figure out what it was and how to determine the correct value.  Quick. In the KoPilot App, there is a compass … Read more

Beta Testing, ugh

So Beta Testing was a blast. This is where I show off all my perfect, well thought out ideas wrapped up in brilliantly crafted code and handed it off to someone else not sharing quite that same point of view. My wife Alicia and my Sister Ali both reviewed the idea and code several times. … Read more

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is strait forward.  We don’t want to collect any more information from you than is absolutely necessary.  In most cases, this means that we will collect and store nothing about you. As of this writing and for all our Apps that point at this post for a privacy policy, we do not … Read more

Tools for the Job

Not only is this my first foray into iOS devleopment, I’m not even a ‘Mac’ person.  So I have to teach myself X-Code while learning OS-X.  Where is everything? Being pragmatic, I realize that I will probably not recoup my investment in equipment.  Education and learning are great, but can we keep the money thrown … Read more