Radian? You talk to your Momma with that mouth?

What the hell is a Radian? Not sure either.  However, l discovered that this is what Objective-C and Swift use as a unit of measurement to rotate an object.   And I had to figure out what it was and how to determine the correct value.  Quick. In the KoPilot App, there is a compass … Read more

Beta Testing, ugh

So Beta Testing was a blast. This is where I show off all my perfect, well thought out ideas wrapped up in brilliantly crafted code and handed it off to someone else not sharing quite that same point of view. My wife Alicia and my Sister Ali both reviewed the idea and code several times. … Read more

Tools for the Job

Not only is this my first foray into iOS devleopment, I’m not even a ‘Mac’ person.  So I have to teach myself X-Code while learning OS-X.  Where is everything? Being pragmatic, I realize that I will probably not recoup my investment in equipment.  Education and learning are great, but can we keep the money thrown … Read more

Swift is a language?

Just a thought or two on Apple’s Swift programming language.   Apple introduced it Spring/Summer 2014 as the better, easier language to create native iOS and OSX applications. Learning Swift is not just learning a language, it’s learning three languages simultaneously.  Swift itself is a nice ‘Next N’ generation language descended from C.   Apple … Read more

A New Start…

So this is the beginning of an interesting journey, at least for me. The goal:  Publish some Apple Watch Applications on the iTunes App Store.   Apple introduced Swift as a new language this past summer and announced a new device for next spring.  This will be as close to a level playing field as … Read more