Creating BI Publisher Documents with PeopleCode

I’m presenting a session at Collaborate 18 in Las Vegas on generating BI Publisher Documents with PeopleCode.

The session will be on April 22 @ 12:30 in Lagoon J at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

This will be a practical application session demonstrating using PeopleCode and other tools within the Application Designer to create and deliver BI Publisher reports within the PeopleSoft application.  It assumes that the user is familiar with the fundamentals of creating a BI Publisher Report Definition.  I will not be covering how to create a BI report.

However, as an extra, I’m also including how to send images to BI Publisher in XML files using Base64 Encoding.  For a proof of concept, I’m including the Employees’ profile photo on each page of the report we generate.

See the links below for the presentation slide deck, a whitepaper with the details and code examples as well as a PeopleTools 8.56 project to import into a HCM 9.2 demo environment.

Looking forward to great conference in Vegas and presentation that I hope it worth your time to attend.

Hope to see you there!



White Paper (PDF)
Collab 18 BI Pub Ptools 8.56 Project (zipped Ptools export)
Downloadable Slide Deck (PDF)

The slide deck…

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