A New Start…

So this is the beginning of an interesting journey, at least for me.

The goal:  Publish some Apple Watch Applications on the iTunes App Store.   Apple introduced Swift as a new language this past summer and announced a new device for next spring.  This will be as close to a level playing field as it gets.

This is my first foray into mobile application development.  I’ve been working as a PeopleSoft developer in the Corporate and Public Sector markets for not quite twenty years.  I’m not leaving or looking to bale on that gig, it pays the mortgage and allows my daughter to attend Montessori.

However, technology is, as always, moving and changing.

At the very least, this will be about learning and staying current.  More so, expanding and getting back into something out of my comfort zone.  There are some interesting conversations in the industry about the “T” shaped developer – know a little about a lot and be deep in at least one area.  I definitely subscribe to the practice.  There are so many interesting and fantastic technologies popping up out there.  I just can’t even begin to consume a few of them.  There is time and other responsibilities in life than coding, learning, exploring for 14+ hours per day.

So at the very least, this is a area I have chosen to expand.  I think it can be a nice complement to my current skill set.  On the other hand, I’m overwhelmed.

… the Adventure Begins,


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