Privacy Policy


Our privacy policy is strait forward.  We don’t want to collect any more information from you than is absolutely necessary.  In most cases, this means that we will collect and store nothing about you.

As of this writing and for all our Apps that point at this post for a privacy policy, we do not collect any information about the users of our applications in anyway.  You select and download the application from iTunes.

Apple has your information, we don’t.  We’re happy.

We have some future Apps in development that will use a cloud back end for notifications, data storage and use of an app across a user’s devices.  We will publish a new privacy policy page specifically for those apps since the architecture requires something, somewhere to know something about the user.  But were’ not there yet.  And again, we will retrieve as little as possible… and not sell what we do have to anyone else.

Please enjoy your apps, who ever you are…. Shhhhh!  I told you, we don’t want to know!!!

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