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KoPilot is for those not currently in control of their transportation.  It provides the critical information that you want about your trip as you are traveling.  You can see current speed, maximum speed, current travel direction and distance to destination in one convenient display.


Better yet, this app will be extended to the Apple Watch for no extra charge when it is released in April of this year.


Back Seat Drivers:  You know your husband is speeding again, as usual.  Here is a way to keep him in line without leaning over to look at the dashboard when you know this is too fast!


Are we there yet?  Let the youngsters in the back view the app so they can answer their own question – No!


Taking a Taxi?  See how insane your driver really is as he weaves through traffic to earn your fare.


Traveling on a train or bus?  KoPilot will give provide that critical travel information to determine if you are going to make it to your destination in time.


Sports such as skiing, snowboarding or bicycling?  KoPilot can keep track of your maximum speed so you can show your friends just how crazy that last run really was!


Settings Page

KoPilot lets you configure it to the way you want to see the information

CoPilot Settings
CoPilot Settings

1) English or Metric Units

2) Course in Decrees or Direction

3) Day or Night mode for easier viewing

4) Show distance to your destination

5) Reset the Maximum Speed Tracker









My Places

How far from where you are going?  Add a new destination or choose from one of your previous destinations

CoPilot Places
CoPilot Places
CoPilot Find your destination on a Map
CoPilot Find your destination on a Map

















KoPilot is a useful, fun app helping you monitor your journey

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