Pattern Popper

Pattern Popper - Available the iTunes App Store
Pattern Popper – Available on the iTunes App Store

PatternP_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40Got a good memory? Can you remember things better than your friends? Pattern-Popper is here to find out!

Pattern-Popper is a fun memory game that starts off like the old Simon game that so many kids got for Christmas in the early 1980s. The easy level is a fun, engaging remake of that game. Each color has its own tone to help you remember the sequence.

For a greater challenge, change the game to the Medium level. The buttons randomly change colors adding confusion to the mix. However, follow the sequence and disregard the color of any button may be at any given time. The sound tones follow the colors, not the sequence, adding confusion and challenge.

For a mind bending experience, change the game level to Hard. The colors of the buttons are again randomly changing each and every button sequence. Follow the colors and ignore the button sequence. Not only do you have to remember the color sequence, you have to remember it while chasing the colors to whichever random button they may appear the next time.

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